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2020 Census

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NOVA Region Dashboard 2020 Census

Northern Virginia - 2020 Census

Data from the US Census Bureau with respect to 2020 Census self-response rates for Northern Virginia counties and towns and the Commonwealth of Virginia is found in the chart. Self-response rates reflect the actions of those who complete the census online or by mail. 

Data collection concluded on October 15, 2020.  Responses that were mailed by respondents with a postmark of October 15th or prior and received by October 22nd will be counted.  Preliminary self-response rates are currently available from the Census Bureau, and reflect data reported as of October 27th.  Final rates will be available after the Census Bureau has processed and verified all census responses, which is a process that takes several months after data collection has ended.

In early to mid-August Census staff began nationwide door-to-door field operation to survey those households who have not responded.  Responses are kept confidential, secure, and only use to tally the census demographic numbers.  The responses collected by door-to-door field operations are counted as non-response followups rates, which are not reported at the county level.  The Commonwealth of Virginia had an overall response rate of 99.9% as of October 27, 2020.

For information on the purpose of the 2020 Census and how to respond click here

Key Facts

  • In the Northern Virginia region, the highest self-response rate is the Town of Vienna.  The Town of Vienna also had the highest self-response rate during the 2010 Census. 

  • In the Northern Virginia region, the lowest self-response rate is the Town of Dumfries.  Dumfries also had the lowest self-response rate during the 2010 Census.  Areas of low response require spreading the word to community residents about the importance of the Census and assisting them if they need help completing the form.  Please help spread the word.

  • All 13 Northern Virginia region localities have surpassed their 2010 self-response rate by a narrow margin.  The last jurisdiction to surpass was the Town of Dumfries, which surpassed sometime between September 17th and September 23rd.  

  • The 2010 Census only had one jurisdiction, Vienna, with a self-response rate greater than 80%.  The 2020 Census has had six of 13 jurisdictions greater than 80%.