2020 Census

Initial data from the US Census Bureau with respect to 2020 Census self-response rates for Northern Virginia counties and towns and the Commonwealth of Virginia is found in the chart. Self-response rates reflect the actions of those who complete the census prior to a Census Bureau employee visiting their residence. The county, town, and state self-response data below will be updated on a weekly basis.

Due to the COVID-ID pandemic, the U.S. Census Bureau has adjusted it 2020 Census operations.  Census staff will begin going to homes and knocking on doors on June 1, 2020 or sometime shortly after, for those households who have not responded by then.  Sending staffers to knock on doors to perform census enumeration costs tax payers thousands of dollars, so please do your civic duty and respond via internet, phone, or mail at this time rather than wait.

For information on the purpose of the 2020 Census and how to respond click here

Key Facts

  • As of May 27, 2020 Virginia had a 2020 Census self-response rate of 65.4%.

  • In the Northern Virginia region, the highest self-response rate as of May 27th was the Town of Vienna at 81.4%.  The Town of Vienna had the highest self-response rate during the 2010 Census. 

  • In the Northern Virginia region, the lowest self-response rate as of May 27th was the Town of Dumfries at 57.8%.  Dumfries also had the lowest self-response rate during the 2010 Census.  Areas of low response require spreading the word to community residents about the importance of the Census and assisting them if they need help completing the form.  Please help spread the word.

  • As of May 27th, two Northern Virginia region localities had surpassed their 2010 self-response rate by a small margin: Fairfax City and Falls Church.  In one week (by June 3rd), Loudoun, Herndon, and Vienna will likely also surpass 2010 rates.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Click on the map for up-to the minute self-response rates for our region. Self-response indicates the response from households without having been contacted with a personal visit at home by census takers.  Self-responding saves tax payers thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent by sending a Census Bureau staff member to your home to collect census information.

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