March 25, 2020

Northern Virginia Coronavirus Cases and Vulnerable Populations - Impact Planning Report is a newly released Northern Virginia Regional Commission dashboard that contains coronavirus and vulnerable population summary information and interactive maps.  It contains up-to-the-minute, real-time coronavirus case summary information for the region and its counties and cities.  The coronavirus information comes from the renowned John Hopkins University COVID-19 GIS database.  This NVRC dashboard was created as a service to share Northern Virginia regional data and maps to assist local governments and non-government entities in impact planning and in identifying Northern Virginia communities that may be most affected by the coronavirus pandemic and may need support. 

Dashboard News

March 20, 2020

The coronavirus tab has been added to the dashboard.  Social vulnerability and senior citizen population interactive mapping applications (story maps) have been created by the Northern Virginia Regional Commission.  These were created as a service to share Virginia statewide and regional data and maps to assist government and non-government entities in identifying communities that may be most affected by the coronavirus pandemic and may need support.

March 12, 2020

The Northern Virginia Regional Commission was pleased to collaborate with the Partnership for a New American Economy (NAE) and the Community Foundation of Northern Virginia on the study, One Region: Welcoming New Americans to Northern Virginia, released March 12, 2020. This is a study of the economic impact of immigrants.  It highlights the size and rapid growth in the immigrant population in the region and their impact on the local economy including injecting more money into local businesses, property markets, and municipal budgets as consumers, homebuyers, and taxpayers.


To access the report and the report's data dashboard click here.  

Immigration Report NAE

About the NOVA Region Dashboard

Northern Virginia is one of the fastest growing, diverse communities in the United States. This dashboard is maintained by the Northern Virginia Regional Commission and designed to provide basic information about our community, demographics, and the people who live and work here. The dashboard is best viewed on a desktop computer.  If we can help you with your data needs, please give us a call.

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